Military exhibits at Autumn Stampex International 2018


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11 August 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-08-13-at-10.07.55-87335.png Military display at Stampex International
As we mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, the Forces Postal History Society (FPHS) and the Civil Censorship Study Group (CCSG) have come together to present an exhibit of related philatelic material at Autumn Stampex International 2018

The Forces Postal History Society (FPHS) are proud to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War with a display that covers almost all aspects of military postal history.

The type of material to be shown at Stampex International is diverse and covers a range of belligerents; fittingly we start off with the British Forces on the Western Front, but also cover both the Italian and Salonika campaigns. There are sections dealing with mail from our Portuguese and American allies as well as Dominion troops from Canada and New Zealand and a display of security postmarks used by the Royal Navy at their bases in the UK.

The American display also features ‘I am well’ and Tobacco funds postcards. The display also includes letters to and from sailors serving on German U-boats and their supporting organisations as well as a selection of correspondence from two Germans and an Austrian who fought mainly on the Eastern Front. Mail to and from British Prisoners of War will also be shown, including items from POWs held as internees in Switzerland. Lastly a range of Hospital Ship material, with examples of mail sent from British, Australian, New Zealand and Italian hospital ships, illustrating their individual cachets and in some cases, censor marks.

About the Civil Censorship Study Group
The CCSG, founded in 1973, caters specifically for collectors interested in civilian mails that have been censored, delayed or interrupted in the post during times of war and civil strife. Members include general collectors of censored mails, often with a parallel interest in military or POW mails, and specialists who focus on a particular country, area or conflict.

Business Design Centre,
Islington, London
Nearest tube:
Angel (Northern Line)

We publish a quarterly Bulletin with a wide range of articles on censorship, from the 19th century to date. The editor welcomes and regularly publishes members’ queries. We have a library in UK which covers the whole world and all periods. It includes related topics such as airmail routes in the Second World War.

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We have sponsored and published several books on censorship and reprints of some significant documents have also been made available. Some members have published their own titles. Topics covered include a series on censorship throughout the British Empire and occupied territories during WWII, USA in both World Wars, The Levant in WWII, and PoW mails during WWI in the UK.

Meetings have been held in the UK occasionally, most recently in connection with the Midpex events in alternate years. In the USA meetings have been organised to coincide with some major APS shows.

Wed 12 September 11am to 7pm
Thurs 13 September 10am to 6pm
Fri 14 September 10am to 6pm
Sat 15 September 10am to 5pm

Back-numbers of the Bulletin and our books are available for sale from our treasurer/librarian. Electronic membership costs £6 worldwide, postal membership in is UK £15, £20 to Europe, £25 beyond.

Further details including an application form, price list of books, etc., can be found on the website:

Read much more about Stampex International in the official show guide - free with the October 2018 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart.