London 2022


24 January 2022
Sadly L’Office des Timbres de Monaco have now been forced to pull out of the London 2022 exhibition, but the release of this single €2 stamp, originally intended to celebrate Monaco’s attendance of the event has still gone ahead, with 40,000 copies produced.

Depicting the familiar scene of the Palace of Westminster and Elizabeth Tower, which of courses houses the famous ‘Big Ben’ bell, the stamp was designed and line-engraved by Elsa Catelin, and is one of many philatelic souvenirs set to be on offer during the London 2022 show.

Design ans line-engraving: Elsa CATELIN
Printing process: 6 colours steel-engraving
Size of the stamp: 40 x 31,77 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue: 40 000 stamps
Sheet of 10 stamps with illuminations

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