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Find out more by visiting the Office des Timbres de Monaco website, or write to: 
23 avenue Albert II, MC 98050 Monaco
Tel: (+377) 98 98 41 41 Email: [email protected]

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Monaco's 2022 Stamp Schedule

40 years of H.S.H. Prince Albert as President of Monaco Red Cross
This year, the Monaco Red Cross will celebrate, through various events, the 40th anniversary of the Presidency of H.S.H.…
01 July 2022
Albert I and Spitsbergen
From 23 to 28 June 2022, a commemorative voyage to Spitsbergen will be organised by the Oceanographic Institute and the…
10 May 2022
Federation of the Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites
HSH Prince Albert II has founded a Federation of the Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites, and Monaco are celebrating the…
10 May 2022
Former Brewery of Monaco
Monaco pay homage to local beer on a new stamp on the common SEPAC theme of 'local beverages'.
10 May 2022
Christian Louboutin Exhibition
This summer’s big exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco will be devoted to the works and imagination of Christian…
10 May 2022
Louis Blériot
A new Monaco stamp pays homage to Louis Blériot, who completed the first flight over the English Channel from Calais to…
09 May 2022
International Cat Show
The Monaco International Cat Show will take place on 17 and 18 September 2022, and is celebrated on a €1.43 stamp.
08 May 2022
Bees on the roof of the Museum of Stamps and Coins
Bee hives have been installed on the green roof of the Museum of Stamps and Coins in a bid to protect the insects. The…
01 May 2022
MonacoPhil 2022
The next edition of the prestigious philatelic exhibition, MonacoPhil, will take place from 24 to 26 November 2022, and…
05 April 2022

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