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23 avenue Albert II, MC 98050 Monaco
Tel: (+377) 98 98 41 41 Email: [email protected]

Centenary of the Union Internationale Motonautique
A single stamp from Monaco marks the 100th anniversary of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM).
22 July 2022
Albert I and the Azores
This Monaco stamp celebrates Albert I's travels across the seas, focussing on his many trips to the Azores.
22 July 2022
Oceanographer Sovereigns
A new stamp from Monaco celebrates the friendship between two oceanographer sovereigns: Albert I and Carlos I of…
22 July 2022
Albert I and Madeira
Prince Albert I's visits to the island of Madeira are celebrated on a €2.86 stamp.
22 July 2022
120 years of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco
A new stamp marks the 120th anniversary of Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, ordered and funded by Prince Albert I in…
22 July 2022
40 years of H.S.H. Prince Albert as President of Monaco Red Cross
This year, the Monaco Red Cross will celebrate, through various events, the 40th anniversary of the Presidency of H.S.H.…
01 July 2022
Albert I and Spitsbergen
From 23 to 28 June 2022, a commemorative voyage to Spitsbergen will be organised by the Oceanographic Institute and the…
10 May 2022
Federation of the Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites
HSH Prince Albert II has founded a Federation of the Grimaldi of Monaco Historic Sites, and Monaco are celebrating the…
10 May 2022
Former Brewery of Monaco
Monaco pay homage to local beer on a new stamp on the common SEPAC theme of 'local beverages'.
10 May 2022

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