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Find out more by visiting the Office des Timbres de Monaco website, or write to: 
23 avenue Albert II, MC 98050 Monaco
Tel: (+377) 98 98 41 41 Email: [email protected]

Christian Louboutin Exhibition
This summer’s big exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco will be devoted to the works and imagination of Christian…
10 May 2022
Louis Blériot
A new Monaco stamp pays homage to Louis Blériot, who completed the first flight over the English Channel from Calais to…
09 May 2022
International Cat Show
The Monaco International Cat Show will take place on 17 and 18 September 2022, and is celebrated on a €1.43 stamp.
08 May 2022
Bees on the roof of the Museum of Stamps and Coins
Bee hives have been installed on the green roof of the Museum of Stamps and Coins in a bid to protect the insects. The…
01 May 2022
MonacoPhil 2022
The next edition of the prestigious philatelic exhibition, MonacoPhil, will take place from 24 to 26 November 2022, and…
05 April 2022
120th anniversary of the Police Department
Monaco Post mark the 120th anniversary of the Police Department on a new stamp featuring the official Monegasque police…
05 April 2022
Myths and stories: Malizia
Monaco's contribution to this the 2022 Europa theme shows François Grimaldi, known as Malizia, who is said to have taken…
30 March 2022
'Polar Mission' exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum
A new exhibition at Monaco's Oceanographic Museum is the subject of a single stamp, reflecting the importance of the…
30 March 2022
International Bouquet Competition
Monaco celebrates the the International Bouquet Competition on a €1.14 stamp featuring a beautiful floral arrangement.
30 March 2022

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