Legendary Formula 1 Drivers: Jochen Rindt


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25 January 2022
Born in 1942 in Mainz (Germany), Jochen Rindt competed in his first F1 Grand Prix event in 1964.

With an aggressive and spectacular driving style, he was considered to be one of the best drivers of his era.

In 1970, on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, he had four consecutive wins under his belt and was sitting 20 points ahead. A victory in Monza would have secured him the world championship title.

However, during the practice sessions, Rindt lost control of his Lotus 72, probably due to a mechanical fault. He was seriously injured and was pronounced dead several hours later. The season continued, and Rindt’s lead was such that he was posthumously crowned world champion.

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A unique and tragic moment in history.

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