Take a tour of the Jersey parishes 


20 August 2021
Jersey Post have issued a set of twelve illustrated stamps featuring colourful artwork by Lauren Radley representing each parish on the Island. Six stamps are for the local letter and six stamps for UK priority self-adhesive stamps.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, with 120 square kilometres divided into twelve parishes, all of which have a border with the sea. In addition to the noticeable geographical differences, each of the parishes has its own individual personality and characteristics.

The layout of each stamp contains a scroll with the parish name incorporated into the design. The background shows the shape of each parish and features stylised elements and landmarks belonging to each of the parishes.

Artist Lauren Radley said: ‘There is something so special about a map; everybody has a place that they can relate to and has a fondness of, and if I can bring some joy by capturing that love and nostalgia of a place through an illustration, then that makes me very happy!’

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Issue date: 17 August 2021, www.jerseystamps.com

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