Traditional markets in Guernsey


05 July 2023
Guernsey’s colourful traditional markets are celebrated on a set of stamps from Guernsey Post, their contribution to the SEPAC theme of 'Traditional Markets'. 

Designed by Chris Griffiths, the stamps are based on original photographs showing the wide range of produce available at the markets, which are a great draw with locals and visitors alike. 

The 56p stamp shows the Normandie Market, which takes place several times a year when traders from Normandy bring their traditional produce to sell.

The 87p stamp showcases the Lé Viaër Marchi, or old market, in Saumarez Park, where practitioners of traditional crafts including spinners, woodworkers, lacemakers, willow whittlers and skep makers may be seen, all dressed in traditional costume. 

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The £2.42 stamp, which is also part of the SEPAC Traditional Markets issue, shows the Fish Market which operated from covered hall in Fountain Street and was once an important part of the island’s history.

The £3.85 stamp depicts the Fresh Friday Market that takes place in Market Square, where shoppers can buy fresh local produce including fruit and vegetables, fish, pickles, jam and porl, as well a treating themselves to street food.

Issue date 5 July

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