Peace –The highest value of humanity


27 April 2023
The original EUROPA stamp design for 2023 was changed to show solidarity with Ukraine

The original agreement was that all the European postal administrations participting in the EUROPA special stamp issue for 2023 woud depict mofits from ‘Underwater Flora and Fauna’. But in APril 2022 the PostEurop board of directors, responding to Ukrposhta’s proposal to show solidarity for Ukraine,  decided to change the theme for the 2023 EUROPA stamps to ‘Peace –the highest value of humanity’. 

The winning stamp design for the €1.40 issue was from Luxembourg, created by Linda Bos and Runa Egilsdottir from A Designers Collective for POST Philately. Their design will be used on EUROPA stamps in more than 50 European countries. ‘We hope this symbol is sent all over the world and that it encourages people to reflect on the highest value of humanity – peace,’ they said.

Issue date May 2023

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