Royal Mail Delivering Christmas, 1 November - Royal Mail stamps 2018


01 November 2018
Look ahead to a traditional Christmas with Royal Mail’s eagerly-anticipated festive issue, featuring people of all ages enjoying the build-up to the big day.

For many of us, our festive preparations play a big part in our enjoyment of the festive season. And whether you’re someone who starts working away at your Christmas list as soon as the summer’s over, or you prefer the adrenalin of a Christmas Eve shopping trip, Royal Mail’s festive stamps are sure to conjure up memories of years gone by and the fun of the preparations for a British Christmas.

The stamps, which range in value from 2nd class to £2.25, will by the end of 2018, be a familiar sight to many of us, appearing on the Christmas cards and parcels that we send and receive. Thinking up new designs and concepts for the annual festive stamps must be a real challenge, particularly since this season is the time of year when many people err towards the traditional.

The red postbox is the central theme of the 2018 stamps, from a rural ‘box in the wall’ from the era of Queen Victoria, through to a modern double-post box located in a city centre. Each post box is set within a snowy rural or urban scene, peopled with Brits of all ages going about their festive preparations.

Stamp details

Royal Mail Delivering Christmas

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Issue date: 1 November 2018
Design: Royal Mail Group Ltd
Illustrations: Andrew Davidson
Stamp size: 24mm x 28mm (standard) 34mm x 28mm (large)
Printer: International Security Printers
Print process: Gravure
Perforations: 14.5 x 15
Phosphor: Bars as appropriate
Gum: Self-adhesive
2nd and 2nd Large: Grandad and granddaughter posting cards
1st and 1st Large: Postal worker at city postbox
£1.25: Father and son at a rural postbox
£1.45 Penfold postbox in street of terraced houses
£1.55 Lady at postbox with dog
£2.25 Choir boy posting letters

Details of related products

Eight stamps                         Price: £9.55            Product code: AS4201
Miniature Sheet replicating stamps            £9.55            MZ135
First Day Cover – Stamps                £12.00            AF440    
Stamp Souvenir                     £12.00            AW087
First Day Cover – Miniature Sheet            £12.00            ME133
Stamp Sheet Souvenir                £12.00            AW088
FDE – Stamps                    £0.30            AE395
FDE – Miniature Sheet                 £0.30            ME130
Presentation Pack                    £10.25            AP453
Postcards                        £4.05            AQ270
Christmas Stamp Book 1st Class            £8.04            UB419
Christmas Stamp Book 2nd Class            £6.96            UB420
Generic Sheet                    £17.50            AT105
Half Sheet of 1st Class stamps (25)            £16.75            AS4201CHS    
Half Sheet of 2nd Class stamps (25)            £14.50            AS4201BHS    
Full Sheet of 1st Class stamps (50)            £33.50            AS4201CFS
Full Sheet of 1st Class stamps (50)            £29.00            AS4201BFS

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