British Christmas stamps 2020


03 November 2020
Royal Mail’s Christmas 2020 stamps feature a series of six stained-glass Nativity scenes based on the windows of Anglican churches across the country.

Britain’s Christmas stamps are the most widely used designs of the year, as the general public use them to send Christmas cards and greetings to friends and loved ones.

Stained glass window Christmas stamps

The designs are based on the windows of:

  • St Andrews Church, East Lexham
  • St Andrew’s Church, Coln Rogers
  • Church of St James, Hollowell
  • All Saints’ Church, Otley
  • St Columba’s Church, Topcliffe
  • Christ Church, Coalville

The images showcase the extraordinary detail and craftsmanship of this highly specialised decorative art, covering a range of eras, styles and techniques.

Stained glass windows also inspired the Christmas stamps in 1992, with five window designs being used. In 2000, as part of the ambitious Millennium Projects series, a single 2nd class stamp recreated the Virgin and Child stained glass window at St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds.

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Miniature sheet with eight Christmas stamps 

The miniature sheet features all eight Christmas 2020 stamps perforated against a background which shows light reflecting from a stained glass window of St Grada and Holy Cross Church in Cornwall.

The Christmas 2020 Presentation Pack includes all the stamps in mint condition and features information written by Dr Jasmine Allen, Director and Curator of the Stained Glass Museum at Ely Cathedral.

In addition, a Christmas 2020 Collectors Sheet is available, featuring a set of twenty stamps (8 x 2nd Class, 8 x 1st, 1 x £1.45, 1 x £1.70, 1 x £2.50, 1 x £2.55) set against the illuminated stained glass windows of St Mary’s Church in Norfolk depicting the Nativity. Alongside each stamp is a label carrying either a section of stained-glass window from the background or a quote relating to the art of stained-glass windows.

Christmas stamp postmarks

Both postmarks feature images synonymous with Christmas in the style of stained-glass art. The Tallents House postmark shows a lit candle while the alternative Bethlehem, Llandeilo postmark shows a winged angel.

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