David Gentleman designs return to GB stamps


17 February 2022
Royal Mail have revealed the design of a special miniature sheet featuring ‘The Stamp Designs of David Gentleman’, which will be made available to coincide with the London 2022 international exhibition. 

The miniature sheet features six stamp designs by David Gentleman, the artist who helped change British stamp design during the 1960s, working with the then Postmaster General Tony Benn on a more pictorial approach with the focus on celebrating British anniversaries and achievements. 

The stamps shown are:

  • the National Productivity 3d value originally issued in November 1962 (on a 2nd class value)
  • the Elizabethan Galleon 9d stamp from the ‘British Ships’ set of January 1969 (2nd class)
  • the ‘Oak Tree’ design of February 1973 (1st class)
  • the 8½p ‘Hewing Coal’ design from the April 1976 ‘Social Reformers’ set (1st class)
  • one of the eight stamps issued in October 1966 to mark the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings (£1.70)
  • and the 4d design from the Battle of Britain issue of September 1965 (£1.70)

The sheet will be generally available mint at £6.42, with the presentation pack priced at £7.35, stamp cards £3.15, first day covers from Tallents House at £8.35, and a press sheet at £89.88.

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There are two pictorial handstamps for the FDC: from Tallents House, and London NW1 where David Gentleman lives and works.

Those collectors visiting the London 2022 event in Islington will also be able to purchase a numbered, limited edition version of this sheet which will also feature the logo of London 2022. This will only be sold at the exhibition, price £6.42, and is limited to of 10,000 copies. 

A Stamp Sheet for London 2022, with labels featuring images of the Mail Rail service (now an attraction at The Postal Museum), will also be generally available, priced at £18.20. Royal Mail have also revealed the design of the official London 2022 postmark featuring the event logo (see page 8).