Royal Mail Stamps 2019: Christmas 2019


05 November 2019
Royal Mail’s most eagerly-anticipated issue of the year has been revealed – a re-telling of the nativity story, with beautiful paper-art used to present this well-known narrative in a new way.

They are the stamps that most of us will see more times than any other this year, as we send and receive our Christmas mail. Christmas 2019 is Royal Mail’s festive stamp issue and is centered around eight Special Stamps that take us through a retelling of the Christmas story.

Paper-cut artists Hari & Deepti have been commissioned to create colourful illustrations that make use of this delicate art, with a clever use of light and shade to put the focus on the nativity with its familiar cast of characters including Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, the angel, shepherds and the three kings. These figures are so familiar to most of us that we perhaps sometimes take them for granted, but these striking portrayals bring a new focus to a 2,000-year-old tale and encourage the viewer to appreciate the nativity story for its simplicity and longevity.


Stamp details

Christmas 2019

Issue date: 5 November 2019

Design: Charlie Smith Design

Illustrations: Hari & Deepti

Printer: International Security Printers

Print process: Gravure

Perforations: 14.5 x 15

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Gum: Self adhesive

Stamp size (standard): 24mm x 28mm

Stamp size (large): 34mm x 28mm

1st        Mary with baby Jesus

2nd       Angel Gabriel

£1.35   Shepherd and Christmas star

£1.55   Jesus in the manger

£1.60   The shepherds

£2.30   Three Kings

Large    Mary with baby Jesus

Large    Angel Gabriel

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