The new Crypto stamp 5.0 is here – with a big innovation


23 June 2023
The latest issue of Austrian Post’s popular Crypto stamp features two new motifs: The Bear and the Safe. And the best thing? When combined on the blockchain, they create a brand-new NFT motif.

In 2019, Austria Post issued the world’s first Crypto stamp – a stamp with a digital twin on the blockchain (NFT). As of 23 June 2023, the new Crypto stamp 5.0 is available at The Crypto stamp 5.0 Bear continues the tradition of animal motifs. This time, however, there is a new motif as well – the golden Safe. It represents the great technical innovation of the new Crypto stamp – one that is “real crazy”, as the campaign slogan goes.

Each Safe contains one of three magic symbols – the Pacifier, Bottle or Rainbow. If you get your hands on both new Crypto stamps, you can combine the Bear and the contents of the Safe on the blockchain using Crypto stamp MorphXYZ: The magical object from the Safe transforms into a brand-new motif! How does it work? Visit for all the details.

With the new edition, Austrian Post has issued 999,999 Crypto stamps and is about to break through the sound barrier of one million Crypto stamps, making it one of the most successful and consistent crypto and NFT projects in the world. 

“Austrian Post’s Crypto stamp is an evergreen project that, unlike those of other providers, does not disappear when the seasons change in the crypto world. The trust that the community has in us proves that only the original can combine security and innovation”, says Patricia Liebermann, Head of Philately at Austrian Post.

Collectors should definitely keep any unused golden Safes as they may well come in handy for other Crypto stamp issues in the future.

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The motifs of the Crypto stamp 5.0 will be issued in quantities of 60,000 (Bear) and 65,499 (golden Safe), they have a nominal value of €9.90 and can be used for franking mail just like a conventional stamp.

The new Crypto stamp 5.0 is available in the online shop and onchain store of the Austrian Post at, as well as from the Collectors’ Service and every post office branch and philately shop in Austria (Collector’s Service:Telephone: +43 577 67 – 95095; E-mail: [email protected]).

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