Winter woodland wildlife on US stamps


14 November 2023
Deer, rabbits, owls and foxes, four species that make their homes in American woodlands, have been chosen to feature on the USPS’s 2023 Winter Woodland Animals stamps.

Whitetailed deer are one of North America’s most plentiful deep species. Rabbits frequently live on the edges of forests.

Owls are mysterious, fascinating birds that prefer to nest in hollow trees or abandoned nests, and foxes are resilient beasts that can adapt to thrive in many different environments. 

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The four stamps, designed by USPS art director Antonio Alcalá with illustrations by Katie Kirk, feature whimsical graphic depictions of each animal that use geometric shapes and bold colour. Each animal is depicted with details of its woodland habitat such as a full or crescent moon, snowflakes, snow-covered branches and holly berries.

Issue date 10 October