Stamp Collector - Back Issues

Stamp Collector June 2019

10 King George V stamps we’d love to own, add colour to your collection with early commemoratives, find out about the inspirational women who fought for their place in the postal service, plus guides…

On Sale: 10 May 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp Collector May 2019

Includes Coin Collector magazine issue 4. Plus, a look at the 1928 Cyprus set that marked the 50th anniversary of British rule, a preview of the new ‘Birds of Prey’ special stamps from Royal Mail, and…

On Sale: 12 April 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp Collector April 2019

Includes your comprehensive guide to the UK stamp trade with details of hundreds of trusted dealers. A must-have for any stamp collector! Plus, a collecting guide to Switzerland’s beautiful 1960…

On Sale: 08 March 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp Collector March 2019

BUMPER PACK! The March 2019 issue of Stamp Collector comes with an exclusive set of five stamp postcards (only available with the magazine), and the official Stampex International show guide…

On Sale: 12 February 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp Collector February 2019

2 magazines for the price of 1! Includes both Stamp Collector and Coin Collector magazines! Stamp mistakes and mishaps explained, the history of Swedish stamps including an exclusive competition, plus…

On Sale: 11 January 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp Collector January 2019

NEW LOOK and NEW FEATURES! Even more insight into the stamp market including a guide to attending a stamp auction, latest prices, catalogue values, and dealer advice. Plus, special forensic philately…

On Sale: 14 December 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp & Coin Mart Dec 2018

WIN GB Xmas stamps, rejected designs revealed, GB stamps you NEED to own, plus Greece's Olympics Set

On Sale: 09 November 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp & Coin Mart Nov 2018

WWI Centenary Special- country by country guide, exclusive Guernsey Post Mini-Sheet, plus unseen GB designs

On Sale: 12 October 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp & Coin Mart Oct 2018

BUMPER PACK with 5 limited edition Postcards and your guide to Stampex in London! Plus, the chance to win the new Captain Cook Stamps

On Sale: 14 September 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

Stamp & Coin Mart Sep 2018

Get issue 2 of Coin Collector magazine, plus a GB history of classic stamps of the 1970s and a Penny Black to suit every budget

On Sale: 10 August 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

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