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19 April 2021
The Stamp Market Index (SMI) records every stamp sale on eBay since 2004, in this new regular column for allaboutstamps, we focus on recent eBay sales and shed light on some of the notable stamps and collections sold.

Rare Nova Scotia stamp

In order of sale date, we start with 1 March, seller Citystampmontreal sold an XFU Nova Scotia Scott #7, $6,000 catalogue value, for $4,995, with a fresh 19 January 2021 VGG certificate.

When asked for a quote, seller Robert Cooperman said:

‘The one shilling stamp of Nova Scotia has always been a popular rarity. Over the years we have encountered perhaps a dozen examples, however very few were in the condition of the example we recently sold. It has four lovely margins and deep rich colour and completely fault free. It is truly worthy of the finest collection!’

SOLD FOR £3,632

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China margin block of sixteen

On 7 March, seller Calnationcoin sold a rare mint China #15 margin block of sixteen, with a catalogue value of $8,000 priced at singles, at auction, for $9,900.

The auction started at 99c with no reserve. Seller Mr Helena explained:

‘Discovered recently in a large mint and used worldwide mixture of primarily on paper Chinese stamps nicknamed by me as the Carlowitz Hoard as most the envelope fragments bore the address Carlowitz & co. Shanghai. A German engineering company in Shanghai and other German cities in China. New to the market as it has not seen the light of day for over 100 years.’

SOLD FOR £7,200

1844 letter from Hawaii

The next day, 8 March, seller Cjmce1 sold a stampless folded letter dated 1844 from Hawaii via the ship Peck & Co forwarded to the United States from a son to his father.

The auction had a starting price of $3, and the cover realised a final hammer price of $6,346. 

SOLD FOR £4,615

Superb unused Penny Black

On 16 March, seller Andrewglajerstamps sold a mint Great Britain Penny Black, plate #1b, with PD initials and original gum, with a catalogue value of £12,500.

The sale was made through Buy It Now for £1,945. The stamp in question was described as a superb unused example, clear to good margins. It came with a 2018 BPA certificate. Everyone knows the story of the Penny Black, over 68 million printed, and yet coming across gem mint copies such as this is always an exciting find. 

SOLD FOR £1,945

Falklands Collection

The final feature item of the month was sold by eGlobals-Stamps, a beautiful FALKLANDS 1872 MH Overcomplete w/ Centenary Set PREMIUM Stamp Collection.

It sold for almost £8,000 within one week of being posted. It’s rare that such a complete and pristine collection like this hits the market, with first set 1878 including 1P MH Signed, 1898 MH Set + MH Set Specimen + Fine Used 5 Sh, Complete set 1929 + 1 Pound Extra.

Seller Maarten Bass said: ‘This was a collection built up by a collector with good taste, time and opportunity to get the highest quality.’ Maarten’s company can be found at 

SOLD FOR £7,996

In 2019, NobleSpirit, a USA-based rare stamps dealer, partnered with eBay to create the Stamp Market Index (SMI), a free database for public access that records every stamp sale on eBay since 2004.

With over 63 million philatelic items sold since 2004, eBay’s position in the market as the largest distribution platform for stamps and philatelic material is unquestionable.

Stamp Market Index is powered by NobleSpirit and managed by the company’s stamp experts. This new monthly column will focus on five of the most interesting individual stamps and collections reported in the daily highest sales from eBay each month, helping readers keep their finger on the pulse of the current and ever-changing stamp market.

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