150th anniversary of stamps issued by Hong Kong


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31 December 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-26-_91398.jpg 150th anniversary of stamps issued by Hong Kong
Hong Kong celebrates the 150th anniversary of its stamp issues with six commemorative stamps. ...

Stamps in Hong Kong were first issued on 8 December 1862, when Hong Kong was under British rule. Hong Kong's postal bureau had been handling mail since 1841, with local letters and mail items for the British army.

The first Hong Kong stamps comprised a set of seven stamps featuring a profile portrait of Queen Victoria. Now, the new issue, from Hong Kong Post, comprises:

  • Six commemorative stamps
  • A stamp sheetlet comprising a stamp on stamp design


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The sheetlet features images from the first Hong Kong stamps, along with the words 1862-2012 - and a Victorian writing device alongside a modern electronic data carrier.

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