Ascension Island stamps mark Ernest Shackleton expedition


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03 September 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-9-_72244.jpg Ascension Island stamps mark Ernest Shackleton expedition
Ascension Island's latest stamp issue commemorates the final expedition made by Sir Ernest Shackleton. ...

The Shackleton-Rowlett expedition of 1921 to 1922, the final expedition led by explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is the subject of a six stamp issue from Ascension Island. Three of the stamps show Shackleton, John Quiller Rowett (the sponsor of the trip) and commander Captain Frank Wild, looking out from the bridge of the expedition ship Quest whilst it was in dock at Southampton before the trip.

The other three stamps show the Quest leaving London, reaching Ascension Island and reaching ice - with the set of six presented in a Triptych format. During the trip, the Quest became the smallest ever ship to penetrate the thick ice of the Arctic. The trip was beset with problems and Shackleton died on board before the expedition had properly begun. His body was brought ashore and the voyage continued.

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