End of an era as Queen Elizabeth II dies


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08 September 2022
The world is coming to terms with the sad news of the passing of HM Elizabeth II, a monarch whose long life and reign has been reflected and commemorated on stamps.

At this sad time for the nation and the world, the subject of collecting and studying postage stamps is far from our minds. This period of mourning will be reserved to reflect on the incredible life and reign of the Queen.

But as time passes, we will find moments to look back on a long and fascinating period of our history, when thousands upon thousands of stamps featured the portrait of Elizabeth II.

The presence of the Queen on stamps has been as constant as her service to the nation and Commonwealth. From the 'Wilding' stamps issued in the first years of her reign, to the very many stamps featuring photographs of the Royal Family.

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And of course, the famous Machin definitive stamps of Great Britain have become known throughout the world, the simple design based on a sculpture by Arnold Machin is perhaps the most reproduced image of all time.

In the coming weeks we will look back and share our thoughts on this remarkable stamp era and, in time, look ahead to the new stamps of King Charles III.