France honour Queen with stamps


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22 September 2022
The heartfelt message sent from French President Emmanuel Macron to the citizens of Britain and the Commonwealth following the death of the Queen was met with widespread approval, and France’s admiration of Her Majesty has now been expressed through stamps.

The stamps issued by La Poste often feature an image of Marianne, the country’s republican symbol. The theme of royalty has rarely been seen on French designs, and the nation is well known for the revolution that destroyed the French monarchy in 1789.

But for a set of four issued less than a week after the state funeral, it is Queen Elizabeth II that features. 

Available in a booklet priced at €8.50, the four stamps each feature a photograph of the Queen.

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We see Her Majesty during the 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations, riding a horse during the 1972 Trooping the Colour, in London in 1986, and in London again as she celebrated her Golden Jubilee year.

The stamp book contains text written by French television presenter and royalty expert, Stéphane Bern.

The stamps each cover the ‘Priority Letter (International)’ rate up to 20g, meaning they can be used on post sent from France to destinations around the world. A total of 50,000 booklets have been put on sale at the website: