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23 June 2014
imports_CCGB_stamp-86-_38777.jpg Israel welcomes Pope Francis stamp issue
A historic visit by Pope Francis to Israel is commemorated by Israel Post. ...
A historic visit by Pope Francis to Israel is commemorated by Israel Post.

The Pope's visit to Israel, on 25 to 26 May 2014, attracted the attention of the world's media, not only because of links between Christianity and the Holy Land, but because this was the pontiff's first international visit.

During the historic visit, Pope Francis visited Bethlehem and Jerusalem and met representatives from different faiths, including Jerusalem's chief rabbis and members of the Orthodox church. He was also welcomed by Palestine families and representatives from both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.

Israel Post's philatelic souvenirs have been issued in two parts - a first stamp sheet of twelve stamps issued on the second day of the Pope's visit, followed by a post-visit issue of twelve stamps which includes photographs of the historic visit. An accompanying booklet includes quotations made my Pope Francis during his visit to Israel, as well as an article written by journalist Henrique Cymerman, a friend of the Pope. The souvenir is available in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Yaron Razon, Director of the Israel Philatelic Service said 'This special souvenir, documenting the historic visit of Pope Francis to Israel, was produced amidst the friendly atmosphere [which] prevailed here due to Pope Francis’s unique personality.

'This memento is a must for any collector in Israel and around the world, and together with the first product issued ahead of the visit, this is a gesture of respect and good will on behalf of the State of Israel.'

To purchase the Pope Francis stamps, visit the Israel Post website.

(Image copyright Israel Post)

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