Jacqueline Freney - Paralympian of the year - Stamp from Australia Post


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imports_CCGB_stamp1_87304.jpg Jacqueline Freney - Paralympian of the year - Stamp from Australia Post
Jacqueline Freney, Paralympian of the year, has been honoured by a stamp from Australia Post. ...

The new stamp, from Australia Post, commemorates the achievements of Paralympic athlete Jacqueline Freney, who was named as the Australian Paralympian of the year. Freney won eight gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympics - a gold medal for each event in which she competed and more gold medals than any other Paralympian.

Australia Post Philatelic Group Manager Mr Michael Zsolt, said 'There can be no doubt that Jacqueline Freney is a deserving winner of this award and Australia Post is delighted to support and commemorate her achievements through the release of this special stamp. We're confident that Australians share our pride in not only Jacqueline's incredible achievements, but those of all our competing athletes.'

The 60c stamp features a photo of Freney holding one of her gold medals, along with the words 'Paralympian of the Year'.

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