Jersey Issues Trees for Life Stamps


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02 July 2012
imports_CCGB_sixstampsreleasedthis_61120.jpg Six stamps released this week
The 75th anniversary of Jersey Trees for Life is celebrated with the release of six new stamps. ...

New stamps are to be issued to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Jersey Trees for Life. The stamps which are to be released on 3 July feature six of Jersey's trees which are recorded on national tree registers as being the tallest or having the largest girth of that species.

The trees depicted on the six stamps include the Magnolia (45p value), Swamp Cypress (55p value), Flowering Cherry (60p value), Maidenhair (68p value), Hill Cherry (70p value) and London Plane (88p value) which are to be found at various locations in Jersey. They were painted by regular stamp artist Michael Pollard.

Melanie Gouzinis, Philatelic Product Manager explained the significance of these stamps: 'Through local media, we became aware of the impending anniversary of Jersey Trees for Life and the local and national tree registers. After researching the subject with the assistance of their committee members, we have produced beautifully painted stamps which not only feature some of Jersey's most outstanding trees, but which also celebrate a milestone event of one of the island's most important organisations.'

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'We are extremely pleased with the finished products and know they will be extremely popular with our collectors.'