Made in Italy stamp celebrates Guzzini centenary


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06 November 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-18-_81336.jpg Made in Italy stamp celebrates Guzzini centenary
The newest issue in the 'Made in Italy' stamp series celebrates the centenary of the Fratelli Guzzini company. ...

The newest stamp in the 'Made in Italy' series marks 100 years of the Fratelli Guzzini company, which produces designer household goods. Founded in 1912 by brothers Raimondo and Enrico Guzzini, the company has become famous for its innovative use of new materials, such as the plexiglas which it pioneered for home use in 1938.

Nowadays, the company continues to produce household goods and research new materials at the Guzzini research laboratories. The stamp, from Italia Post, features a Guzzini centenary logo surrounded by a colourful collage of goods produced by the Guzzinis over the years, including a mixing bowl, alarm clock, jug and flask.

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