New stamps recall Tutankhamun discovery


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02 December 2022
Royal Mail is marking 100 years since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter with a set of stamps and a mini sheet, whilst Egypt are also marking the centenary with stamps.

The new set from Royal Mail consists of eight stamps featuring colour photographs of some of the most notable artefacts, as well as a four-stamp miniature sheet which capture the discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb through a selection of photographs taken by Harry Burton, the only photographer permitted to work inside the tomb during the excavation.

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Meanwhile, Egypt’s four new stamps show the golden mask, the most famous possessions of King Tutankhamun, the golden coffin, the royal chair, and the royal golden fan. 

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The remarkable discovery has shaped historians’ understanding of the religion, rituals and culture of ancient Egypt to this day. Howard Carter and his team took ten years to catalogue and conserve over 5,000 objects found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. The objects are now held in the Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and the excavation documentation is in the archive of the Griffith Institute, the centre for Egyptology at the University of Oxford.