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09 January 2022
The Philatelic Traders’ Society has revealed that the Autumn Stampex 2022 event will be the first to host a live auction, giving visitors the chance to bid on material at the show.

The tender for the Stampex Live Auction Partner opened in December and the winning auction house is set to be revealed during the London 2022 international exhibition.

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Simon Carson, PTS Chairman, said:

‘We regularly get approached by businesses asking if they can host an auction at Stampex and for years we have held back. However, we know from other international exhibitions that auctions add buzz and excitement. We are excited about adding this initiative into Stampex Autumn 2022 and look forward to welcoming everyone to celebrate the first ever event.’

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The statement from the PTS also explained:

'We are constantly exploring innovative and exciting show additions to enhance visitor experience. We have worked hard over the last few years to ‘put the X back into Stampex’, for example introducing Virtual Stampex and online components, a Collectors’ Lounge, the new Digital Zone, Stampex Talks in the Auditorium, Live Postcrossing Events and an enhanced Youth Zone. The Stampex Live Auction will further this progression and revitalize the experience for show guests.'

The terms and conditions for auction houses are available at the website