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05 June 2022
Stamp Collector and All About Stamps editor Matt Hill recently appeared on the video blog published by the Philatelic Traders Society (PTS), discussing the magazine, email newsletters, and how collectors can find trusted traders.

The PTS Trade Vlog is hosted by Suzanne Rae and Isobel Klempka of the PTS and also featured Josh Buchsbayew the Vice President of Cherrystone Auctions.

The topics covered on the forty-minute video include the different ways in which stamp traders can advertise their products and organisation, how auction houses are embracing the online world and social media to reach new audiences, and the launch of the already popular ‘Stamps Monthly’ email.

Launched in April, the ‘Stamps Monthly’ email is sent to the All About Stamps audience each month. Traders can promote their stock, price list, website, or eBay listing on the email and quickly reach thousands of stamp collectors. Sign up to receive the 'Stamps Monthly' email right now - it's free!

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The PTS Vlog is a regular video chat with members of the stamp trade and is intended to give traders and collectors an insight into the world of philately. You can view the video below…

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