Public voting opens for Rowland Hill Medal 


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24 October 2022
The Museum of Philately has officially opened the public voting for the first ever ‘Rowland Hill Medal’ rewarding the best philatelic collection published on the Museum.

The award, voted for by the public, will recognise the amazing collectors and collections displayed on the unique platform. The first medal winner will be revealed at MonacoPhil 2022, with the voting open from 18 October 2022 until 18 November 2022. 

You can see highlights from a selection of the Rowland Hill Medal entries in the December issue of Stamp Collector. Why not subscribe to the magazine and receive every issue direct to your home?

Museum of Philately spokesperson Isobel Klempka said:

'This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the collectors featured on the Museum and promote their collections, which are captured and displayed upon our unique digital platform. It will enable a fundamental aspect of traditional exhibiting to be accessible to a broader audience, all over the world, combining it with the latest technology for presenting award-winning exhibits. '

'The Museum of Philately is a wonderful way for everyone within the hobby to see privately held collections, which aren’t regularly shared. The majority of these collections have won Large Gold’s and the collectors are skilled exhibitors, however all philatelists are welcome to send their collections in to be reviewed by the Museum’s curators. '

Collections, which have been nominated, include:

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  • ANGLO-FRENCH: How the 1836 Anglo-French postal treaty made it easier to send mail worldwide by Dr Geoffrey Lewis 
  • BURMA: Classic Burma 1824 to 1853 by Santpal Sinchawla 
  • COLOMBIA: Classic Colombia The First Six Issues 1859 to 1866 by Ricardo 
  • Botero 
  • CONGO: Congo Postal History 1482 to 1886 by Patrick Maselis 
  • DENMARK: A Royal Ménage à Trois and its Historical Consequences by Iva 
  • Mouritsen 
  • DENMARK: Conscience, Conflict, and Camps: 1932-1949 by Birthe King 
  • GERMAN STATES: Posts In The City Of Lübeck Before 1868 by Chris King 
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Development and Usage of the World’s First Postage Stamps (1840-1841) by Simon Beresford-Wylie 
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Mulready Caricatures and Pictorial Envelopes by Robin Cassell
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Penny Postage Jubilee A Jubilee Reminiscence 1890 by John Davies 
  • GREAT BRITAIN: The Maltese Cross by Howard Hughes
  • INDIAN STATES: Soruth A Princely Indian State by W.Danforth Walker IRELAND: Postal History of Ireland from 1591 to 1865 by Desmond Quail ITALIAN STATES - TUSCANY: Mail in from and to Tuscany up to 1875 by Dr Vittorio Morani
  • LABUAN: The Queen's Stamps and Postal Stationery 1879 to 1894 by Dr Jon Higgins
  • PERSIA: India used in Persia, postal relations until 1923 (1930) by Bjorn Sohrne
  • PERSIA: The Classic Lions Period to 1879 by Joseph D. Hackmey SARAWAK: The First Forty Years 1858 to 1898 by Simon Martin-Redman THAILAND: Siam Classic: The First Issue by Dr Prakob Chirakiti
  • UNITED STATES: American Civil War Special Postal Routes 1860 to 1865 by Steven C. Walske
  • VENEZUELA: Escuelas 1871 to 1878 by Knut Heister 

How can I vote in the Rowland Hill Medal?

Voting opens on 18 October 2022 and closes on 18 November 

Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Head to and/or view highlights in the December's Stamp Collector magazine
  2. Review the exhibitions on the Museum of Philately that have been nominated for the Rowland Hill Medal 
  3. Choose your favourite. Cast your vote 

To make it as fair as possible, you can only choose one winner and you can only vote once. 

The overall exhibit and collector will be announced at an award ceremony to be held at Monacophil. 

Head to for all the information, review collections and cast your vote.