Royal Mail Dinosaurs stamps unleashed!


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01 October 2013
imports_CCGB_megalosaurusstampfromr_58671.png Megalosaurus stamp from Royal Mail's Dinosaurs stamp set
Royal Mail have revealed the designs for their ten Dinosaurs stamps, issued on 10 October. ...
Royal Mail have revealed the designs for their ten Dinosaurs stamps, issued on 10 October.

The images on the stamps, produced by long-time dino-illustrator John Sibbick, are on white backgrounds and show each dinosaur roaring, swooping and swimming its way on to the stamp.

The stamps also feature unusual perforated edges, which see the dinosaurs break out of the stamp frame, in a similar way to other popular stamp issues from Royal Mail, such as the Beatles stamps of 2007.

Dinosaurs - technical details
Issue date: 10 October, 2013
Design: Why Not Associates
Printer: Walsall Security Printers, Gravure
Perforations: 13.5 x 14
Stamp size: 37mm x 27mm excluding protrusions
Phosphor: all over
Gum: self-adhesive
1st Class - Polacanthus
1st Class - Ichthyosaurus
1st Class - Iguanodon
1st Class - Ornithocheirus
1st Class - Baryonyx
1st Class - Dimorphodon
1st Class - Hypsilophodon
1st Class - Cetiosaurus
1st Class - Megalosaurus
1st Class - Plesiosaurus


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