Royal Mail to issue London Underground stamps


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11 October 2012
imports_CCGB_1stclassvaluefromlond_78493.jpg 1st class value from London Underground stamps, January 2013
Royal Mail will begin the 2013 stamp schedule with a set of ten London Underground stamps. ...

Details of the first commemorative stamps of 2013, celebrating the history of the London Underground have been revealed.

  • Ten stamps reveal timeline of ‘the Tube’ and iconic London Underground posters
  • London Underground stamps will go on sale on 9 January
  • Miniature sheet features four long-format (60mm x 30mm) stamps


    The ten-stamp set is made up of six single values, showing images of the Underground over the decades. A miniature sheet of four stamps each show three posters advertising the service.

Philip Parker, Royal Mail Stamps spokesperson, said: 'The London Underground has a unique status as the oldest and one of the busiest underground railway networks in the world.

'For this first stamp issue of 2013 we have tried to capture the incredible history behind ‘the Tube’, which for millions of people is an integral element of their daily lives and an iconic part of London’s identity.

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'Both London Underground and Royal Mail share a rich and extraordinary design heritage, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a dozen classic Underground posters, featuring several artists who also designed posters for the GPO.'

View the full list of GB stamps planned for 2013.

For full details of the London Underground stamp issue, see the January 2013 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart.