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26 July 2012
imports_CCGB_stamp-8-_63745.jpg Scented and embroidered stamps from Hungary
Magyar Post celebrates its 85th Stamp Day with a set of stamps featuring embroidery and scent. ...

A new set of stamps from Hungary celebrate the 85th Stamp Day festival. A surcharged souvenir sheet issued for the festival carries a small surcharge which is used to support stamp collecting activities across Hungary. The two stamps are arranged tete-beche on the souvenir sheet and the sheet has an Anti-Stokes layer, which emits light and sound when examined under an infra-red light.

The stamps feature real embroidery, with a rose motif, and a paprika motif, with paprika fragrance embedded into the stamp in microcapsules. The sheet also features items of religious art from the Kalocsa Archiepiscopal Treasury.

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