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28 September 2022
The 1 October is World Postcard Day, with people around the world being encouraged to send postcards far and wide. The team at the hugely popular PostCrossing website have a few tips to help you get started…

World Postcard Day gives us all an excuse to send some messages to friends, family and pen-pals around the world and, most importantly for stamp collectors, show off some of our stamps on the cards.

One way to get started sending cards is to join the PostCrossing website, it's completely free and allows you to send and receive postcards to and from enthusiasts around the world.

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Once you're set up on the website, you can send an initial five postcards out, and each time a card reaches its destination, you earn the right to receive a postcard from someone.

Top tips to get sending postcards

The PostCrossing team have these tips to get you sending cards on World Postcard Day…

  • You can send postcards to friends and family, to let them know you’re celebrating the World Postcard Day. You can also mail some postcards to people you admire or local institutions that have had a positive impact in your life or the local community. Let them know you see their good work, and are thinking of them! 
  • If you send a postcard through Postcrossing on October 1st, you’ll receive the special World Postcard Day badge on your profile when that postcard arrives. 
  • If you have children in your family or neighbourhood, gather them around for a mini-workshop on how to write their first postcard. You can prepare some crafting materials in advance, and perhaps show them a video on how mail works (there are many on YouTube), before taking a stroll to the mailbox. 
  • October 1st is a Saturday, and there are lots of Postcrossing meetups taking place all around the world. Why not meet some local postcrossers and spend the day with other postcard enthusiasts? 
  • Cook some ravioli! Shaped like postage-stamps, these are the perfect meal for a day that celebrates postcards and mail. 
  • Spread the word! Talk about World Postcard Day on social media using the hashtag #worldpostcardday, and share photos of the postcards you’re mailing out. Bonus points if the photo of your postcards is next to a postbox — that way, you can also join #postboxsaturday
  • And last but not least, if you have a couple of extra postcards, consider sending them in advance to your local media outlets, to let them know World Postcard Day is coming. Maybe they’ll pick up on the date and talk about it, which would be brilliant!
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