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17 August 2021
The Postal Museum have published a virtual tour through their current Wish You Were Here exhibition, which celebrates the 151st anniversary of the postcard, and you can view it right here…

The Wish You Were Here exhibition runs until January and celebrates ‘the iconic role the postcard has played in connecting people for 151 years’. The video tour features the exhibition’s curator Georgina Tomlinson and is available to view below…

Find out more about the Exhibition on The Postal Museum website: www.postalmuseum.org/wish-you-were-here

Wish You Were Here celebrates the iconic role the postcard has played in connecting people for over 150 years.

The British postcard’s history began in 1870. An innovation of its time, the postcard meant faster, cheaper correspondence through the post. They were used to send secret messages of love, to boost morale for soldiers at war and to boast from holidays near and afar.

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Visitors can explore the postcard through history and reflect on its future with themes including romance, First World War correspondence, the Great British seaside, postcards in a digital age and contemporary art, with work from artists including Emily May, Francesca Colussi Cramer and Guy Atkins.

Every visitor to the exhibition can take away their own artwork in miniature. Artist Peter Liversidge, known for his postal inspired artworks, has created 4 unique postcard designs for the exhibition. Visitors can select a postcard to send, keep, or contemplate the thought-provoking ideas printed on the cards.

This temporary exhibition is included with entry to The Postal Museum. A ticket to the Museum also includes permanent exhibitions and a ride on Mail Rail.

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