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03 November 2014
imports_CCGB_1963-322-l_84526.jpg Ten British stamps on a woodland theme
We celebrate the autumn season with a look at ten British stamps on a woodland theme. ...
We celebrate the autumn season with a look at ten British stamps on a woodland theme.

In a country renowned for its woodland, forest and ancient trees, it's no surprise that dozens of British stamps have featured trees in various forms. In this special feature we take a look at ten British woodland stamps issued between 1963 and 2012.

1 Woodland Life (1963)

Issued for National Nature Week in May 1963, this 4.5d stamps has a collage of woodland creatures displayed on a background of leaves and foliage, with the words 'National Nature Week'.

2 Horse Chestnut (1993)

Released as part of a 'four seasons' issue, this horse chestnut stamp has an 18p value and represents the season of autumn.

3 Garlic Leaves (1995)

Next on our list is this garlic leaves stamp which represents the four season as the 'springtime' stamp, with a 30p value.

4 Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree (1997)

Children's author Enid Blyton's best-selling novel 'The Faraway Tree' was the subject of this 1997 stamp which shows the magic faraway tree and some of the fairy folk who feature in the story of the three children who come to live in the country and find a faraway tree which has different lands at the top of its branches.

5 Early photos of leaves (1999)

Royal Mail's The Inventor's Tale issue was part of the Millennium series and this 43p stamp pays tribute to early photographic experiments by Victorian inventor Henry Fox-Talbot with one of his photographs of leaves.

6 Tree Roots (2000)

The year 2000 saw three different tree-related stamps which made our top ten. This Tree Roots 43p stamp was issued in August 2000 under the 'Yews for the Millennium Project - tree and leaf' banner. The stamps shows the complex root system on an ancient tree.

7 Forest for Scotland (2000)

Scotland's Doire Dach forest was featured in a painting for another 'Milennium Project - forest and trees' stamp, which was the eight of the Milennium Project issues. The 65p stamp shows a forest scene with a loch beyond and a foreground of grassland.

8 Hydroponic Leaves (2000)

The third of our 2000 woodland stamp issues features the practice of hydroponic growing, whereby plants are grown without soil. The 64p Hydroponic Leaves stamp features the work of Project Suzy in Teeside and shows a leaf growing above and below water.

9 Planting Trees (2007)

We now move forward seven years to 2007, and the issue of a UK Scouts stamp, which shows a Boy Scout planting trees as part of a youth project. The stamp was Britain's Europa issue which had the theme 'Scout centenary'. Other stamps in the issue were campfires, rockclimbing, learning archery, learning gliding and Scout Group.

10 Oak Tree (2012)

Our final top ten woodland themed stamp is Royal Mail's Oak Tree issue of 2012. This 87p 'country definitive' featured a wood carving of an oak tree, the classic symbol of Britain's woodlands.

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