Upgrade your Stamp & Coin Mart magazine app for free!


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28 March 2013
imports_CCGB_scm-app_12161.jpg Upgrade your Stamp & Coin Mart magazine app for free!

Upgrade your Stamp & Coin Mart magazine app for free!

The latest version of the Stamp & Coin Mart app is available to download now from Apple’s Newstand, so make sure you upgrade to carry on receiving the digital editions of your favourite magazines.

This only applies to the iPad or iPhone versions of the app, so if you are on Android, you can continue to use your current app.

What’s new?

• New easy to use interface
• Read your issue whilst downloading – no more waiting until it is complete
• Faster issue downloads
• Subscription status checker – find out how many issues you have left
• Dedicated ‘purchased’ tab to easily find your issues
• Quicker navigation

iPad and iPhone users will need to upgrade to our FREE new app now to continue to receive your digital issues, as from the 19 April, 2013 your current app won’t update.

What about my downloaded issues?

Don’t worry – you won’t lose any issues you have already purchased. Just follow the instructions below to get your upgrade and restore your purchases:

1. If you have registered a Pocketmags account please skip to step 2. If you do not have a Pocketmags account please launch your old app, click Login/Register and setup a username and password.
2. In Apple’s Newstand search for the Stamp & Coin Mart app – install the new free app which is published by ‘Warners Group Publications’
3. Click ‘Settings’, then ‘Login/Register’ and enter the details which you registered in the old app.
4. Once you are logged in your issues from the original app will become available in the new app.
5. If you have any problems or this does not work for you please contact [email protected]

We hope you enjoy using the new app and continuing to enjoy the digital versions of Stamp & Coin Mart.
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