WANTED! Info on 1937 Coronation FDCs


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18 April 2021
First Day Cover producers and traders Buckingham Covers are asking for the help of collectors to create a master list of all the different cover designs issued for the 1937 coronation of King George VI.

We need Your help, writes Brian Austin. At Buckingham Covers, we love our early First Day Covers. Over the last 35 years I have heard many times there are over 200 different illustrations on the 1937 Coronation issue, but has anyone ever tried to prove this?

Well at Buckingham Covers we have taken up this challenge. We have put together all the scans we could find on a special page on our website:

www.buckinghamcovers.com/1937 and now we need your help; do you have any illustrated covers which we have not listed on the website, could you supply us with scans of any?

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My guidelines are that the cover has to have the British stamp on it and dated 13 May 1937 with an illustration of some sort, this could be printed, hand painted or even advertising. In an ideal world we would love a scan saved as a jpg file saved at 300dpi, if not possible send, the best you can or even a good close-up photograph from a mobile phone. 

Email any you have to [email protected] with the subject ‘1937 Coronation’. Our hope is this will create a great on-line archive of this classic issue with free access for everyone to use.