World's oldest Post Office goes on sale


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07 April 2014
imports_CCGB_sanq_07153.jpg World's oldest Post Office goes on sale
The world’s oldest post office, which has operated for over 300 years, has gone up for sale as a going concern. ...
The world’s oldest post office, which has operated for over 300 years, has gone up for sale as a going concern.

Sanquhar Post Office, in Dumfries & Galloway, is recognised by the Universal Postal Union and the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest post office in the world, established in 1712 and so easily beating its nearest rival Stockholm, whose origins go back to 1720.

The building started out as a staging post for mail carriages, owned by Abraham Crichton, with the old stables behind the branch thought have once provided a resting place for horses drawing the mail carriages. Whoever takes ownership of the Post Office will also take their place in postal history, as only the sixteenth custodian of the property since it was established.

Current owners Penny and Richard Murphy, told the Post Office: ‘After careful consideration Richard and I feel that now is an appropriate time for a change and is the reason why we have put our business up for sale. We have loved our time in Sanquhar and have made many friends and are sure that the new owner of Sanquhar Post Office will be made equally welcome.’

The branch is a popular attraction for postal and philatelic enthusiasts from both across the UK and around the world, who visit to have their letters marked with a special handstamp bearing ‘The World’s Oldest Post Office’.  

Suzanne Richardson, Post Office regional network manager for Scotland and the North assured the public about the branch’s future: ‘We are looking for someone very special to replace Penny and take on the post office in Sanquhar; it combines a rich postal history with offering today’s wide range of postoffice services. While the post office is for sale, customers should be assured that it is “business as usual” in Sanquhar.’

The property is on the market with Humberstones for £235,000 freehold, with outbuildings to develop. To find out more, e-mail or visit the website.

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