Austria Stamps

A long Austrian tradition with a world-wide reputation

The commemorative stamps of Österreichische Post are known around the world for their beauty and high quality, but not only among stamp enthusiasts. Our stamps are so much more than just postage: they are artistic representations of different occasions and subjects. As such, they take our message to the rest of the world.

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Find out more by visiting the Österreichische Post website. 

Austria stamps: Österreichische Post staff shirt
When a piece of clothing becomes a stamp: in the spirit of sustainability, used Österreichische Post uniforms are turned…
01 November 2022
Austria stamps: 90 years of LEGO
It all started in 1932 in a Danish carpenter’s workshop with little wooden toys that were to go on to take the world by…
16 September 2022
Crypto stamp art reinterprets 1851 Mercury newspaper stamp
Austrian Post is starting a new chapter in the merging of the physical and digital worlds. Crypto stamp art is a new…
09 August 2022
Austria Post 2022 Stamp Schedule
Discover the range of subjects commemorated on Austrian stamps during 2022.
01 August 2022

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