Austria Stamps

A long Austrian tradition with a world-wide reputation

The commemorative stamps of Österreichische Post are known around the world for their beauty and high quality, but not only among stamp enthusiasts. Our stamps are so much more than just postage: they are artistic representations of different occasions and subjects. As such, they take our message to the rest of the world.

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Woolly jumper stamp from Austria
Austria Post have never been able to resist a novelty stamp, now it seems they’re producing their own line of stamp…
02 November 2023
The new Crypto stamp 5.0 is here – with a big innovation
The latest issue of Austrian Post’s popular Crypto stamp features two new motifs: The Bear and the Safe. And the best…
23 June 2023
Landmarks in Austria: Beauty, history, and architecture for collecting and…
Austria is rich in historic castles and palaces, pioneering architectural achievements, striking churches, and…
15 May 2023
Spring awakening in philately
Discover Austria's new bee miniature sheet and other animal and flower motifs.
29 March 2023
Pope Benedict XVI – “Pope Emeritus”
To commemorate the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Austrian Post has issued a miniature sheet in his memory.
15 March 2023
Austrian Post: Motoring classics
Austrian Post is honouring the country’s track record in motor innovation with three new commemorative stamps.
16 February 2023
Crypto stamps: How Austrian Post sparked a global furore
In 2019, Austrian Post wowed the public with the world’s first blockchain stamp. The response was overwhelming: the…
22 December 2022
An artistic look back: the 2022 stamp year at Österreichische Post AG
Introducing a beautiful and high-value gift and a treat for collectors: all commemorative stamps issued in the year 2022…
21 December 2022
Ferdinand Porsche – electric automobile
Austria Post have issued a special stamp recalling the first electric vehicle, created by Austrian-German automotive…
20 December 2022

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