Faroe Islands Stamps: Franking Labels 2020


01 November 2020
The theme for this year's franking labels is hay harvesting.

Suffía Nón's four stamps depict the traditional work of harvesting hay in the Faroe Islands.

The old way of drying grass has become a thing of the past in most places. However, many still remember the man standing in the green field swinging his scythe, not to forget all the small birds peeling worms and other microorganisms from the ground after the grass had been cut and before the newly awakened young girls - with their thoughts full of dreams of love and life - came to spread the dewy grass out on the field for drying. Thus, a typical dry weather day could pass during the harvest period.

We must not forget the hay racks either (the hay rack is a kind of fence made of numerous strands of tensile wire for drying hay). This was hard work for both women and men. When the morning dew had evaporated, the sweet-smelling grass had to be brought to the rack where it was suspended for drying.

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Even though the work was hard, many people were happy about the rack because when the grass had been suspended the worst was over. Many nimble and sprightly men praised the invention of the rack when they were bringing dried loads of hay on their backs into the barn.

Grass could also be dried directly on the ground. In this case everyone was able to participate. Young and old with rakes in their hands enjoyed themselves, told stories and talked to the smaller children who through play and activity were  learning their first lesson about a universe where things are both produced and enjoyed. Who has not seen and heard the woman voicing her discontent with her small load of hay when the work was not going as planned and the top of the load was not as perfect as she wanted and before it had been tightly secured with cords. 

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