Faroe Islands Stamps: Vatndalsvatn, the Heart Shaped Lake


14 December 2019
The Faroe Islands stamp issue for Valentine's Day celebrates the mountain lake by the name of Vatndalsvatn… perfectly shaped like a heart.

On the island of Vágoy, up in the mountain valley above the village of Bøur, you will find the heart of the Faroe Islands.

It is a mountain lake by the name of Vatndalsvatn, perfectly shaped like a heart - and in case you doubt it, enter the coordinates: 62 ° 5’32 “N 7 ° 20’29” W on Google Maps and feast your eyes on this splendid view.

Wicked tongues will probably say that it is the flow of the river Breiðá that has shaped the heart’s cleft while the drainage that has created the tip of the heart, but this we can brush these comments aside. Lake Vatndalsvatn is a heart, forged into the indurate basalt, basta!

Nature’s reminder to all of us that love conquers all.

So, if you want to do something special for your heart’s beloved, dispense with the chocolate and buy a ticket to the Faroe Islands. Take her/him on a short but steep hike along Breiðá in Bøur, up to Lake Vatndalsvatn and have a picnic on the shore of the heart of the Faroe Islands.

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Well, maybe not exactly on February 14, during the dark and dangerous winter. A summer day would also be superb – going far into the bright romantic summer night. Reportedly, Lake Vatndalsvatn is also a good place to catch mountain trout if you would get a bit tired of romance.

Contemplating the especially palpable heart of the nation graphic artist Suffía Nón was inspired to design the second stamp, featuring the innermost heart-landscape of every Faroese mind. The childlike and unrestrained heart of an unyielding landscape and an ancient culture.

Two stamps and two postcards. Se-tennant issue.

Stamp Details

  • Sheet with ten stamps - five of each stamp.
  • Date of issue: 14.02.2020
  • Photo: Roy  Mosterd. Artist: Suffía Nón.
  • Values: 8 & 12, 00 DKK. 
  • Printer: Cartor Security printing, France
  • Numbers: FO 920-921


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