Dark skies over Sark


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11 May 2021
Guernsey Post have released stamps to mark the tenth anniversary of Sark being designated the world’s first Dark Sky Island by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

The IDA works to protect the night skies from light pollution for present and future generations and to date has designated 170 International Dark Sky Places, protecting over 110,000sq km of dark skies around the globe.

Bridget Yabsley, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post said: ‘With no public street lighting, paved roads and cars, the beautiful island of Sark does not suffer from the effects of light pollution and its night sky is very dark, with meteors and countless stars on display. Since 2015, star gazers from all around the world have visited the observatory of the Sark Astronomy Society (SAstroS), which is in the heart of the island.

‘We are thrilled to be able to mark the 10th anniversary of Sark becoming the world’s first Dark Sky Island with stamps depicting some of the island’s stunning night skies.’

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The stamps show:

  • A view of Saturn, Jupiter and the Milky Way taken near Monk Rock on Sark (50p)
  • A view of the night sky from the east coast of Sark at Point Robert Lighthouse (70p)
  • The Milky Way with Jersey on the horizon (73p)
  • A view of Saturn, Jupiter and the Milky Way seen from the west coast of Sark looking to the southwest over Mer Tower (£1)
  • The £1.15 value shows comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3), taken from Little Sark overlooking Brecqhou, Jethou, Herm, with Guernsey on the horizon
  • The £1.20 stamp shows La Seigneurie (the ancestral home of the Seigneur of Sark) silhouetted against the Milky Way looking west.

Issue date: 10 June 2021, www.guernseystamps.com

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