Guernsey stamps: Apollo 11 fifty years


20 July 2019
Guernsey Post marks the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing with philatelic products featuring archive photos from this groundbreaking historical event.

The Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy, the eight day mission took the crew on a 935,000 mile journey to another world. 

An estimated 530 million people watched the televised image and heard Armstrong's words as he became the first human to set foot on the moon.

Apollo 11 anniversary stamp details

Issue date: 20 July 2019

Design: Andrew Robinson

Printer: Cartor Security Printing

Stamp size: 36mm x 36mm

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48p Stamp: Almost there, Step by Step

65p Stamp: Walking on the Moon

80p Stamp: Foot Print on the Moon

90p Stamp: View of Earth from the Moon

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