Island cuisine on Post & Go


08 March 2022
Guernsey Post’s latest Post & Go set celebrates the island’s cuisine by depicting a selection of local recipes or popular local dishes on the six stamps.

The ‘GY Letter’ stamp shows Guernsey Bean Jar, which has been part of island life for centuries.

Traditionally this hearty one-pot dish made in an earthenware jar with beef shin, pig’s trotters, onion, carrots, haricot beans, butter beans and bay leaves would have been eaten for breakfast.

Today, it is often a tasty winter meal, and is enjoyed on Bonfire Night. Guernsey Gâche (pronounced Gosh) and seen on the ‘GY Large Letter’ stamp is one of Guernsey’s definitive specialties made with raisins, sultanas, and mixed peel.

In Guernésiais, gâche means cake, however this is more like a sweet fruit bread. It is a popular tea-time treat served with a thick spread of butter or toasted.

The ‘UK Letter’ stamp shows Guernsey Biscuit, a savoury crusty roll with a soft, fluffy centre, which is perfect for filling with local delicacies including seafood, meats or cheese.

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The ‘UK Large Letter’ shows local lobster and shrimp; whilst the ‘EURO Letter’ features Guernsey Gâche Melee (pronounced Gosh Mel–are) a traditional Guernsey apple-based dessert.

The ‘ROW Letter’ shows more seafood, with the local Chancre Crab, also known as Brown Crab, often served in sandwiches or with salad and, according to Guernsey Post, is a great addition to linguine or ravioli whilst the richer, brown meat inside the shell can be used as paté.

Issue date: 19 February 2022

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