Seagull snacks


20 July 2022
Guernsey Post has released a set of stamps showing naughty seagulls snaffling local delicacies.

The stamps have been designed by Guernsey artist James Colmer. As many seaside visitors learn to their cost, mischievous seagulls always have an eye for a tasty snack, and the seagulls in James’ light-hearted images are taking advantage of some of Guernsey’s tastiest tidbits. The 52p stamps shows a generous bird offering a stolen slice of Guernsey Gâche – the local fruit loaf – to his partner-in-crime. The bird on the 79p stamp has nicked a mackerel from a fisherman, and the seagull on the £1.10 stamp has gone a step further and is trying to drink from a sunbather’s can of pop. 

The most audacious seagull of all is on the £1.35 stamp – trying its luck with a delicious ice cream! 

‘Seagulls will scavenge for almost anything they can get their beaks on,’ said Bridget Yabsley, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post. ‘They are a common sight in Guernsey but an unwelcome addition to anyone’s picnic! Artist James Colmer has injected good humour into the stamps whilst drawing inspiration from typical Guernsey coastal scenes.’

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The stamps form part of a of a joint issue with SEPAC (Small European Postal Administration Cooperation) for its 2022 theme Local Beverages.


Issue date: 22 June 2022 ,

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