Upcycling and artworks


11 August 2022
Guernsey Post will be releasing the third stamp in its ‘Heart of the Forest’ series on 24 August

The new stamp has a £1 value and depicts colourful leaves and beetles.

The series has been created by award-winning artist and sculptor Gail Armstrong, who produces three-dimensional artworks from flat sheets of paper, from previously issued Bailiwick stamps and mini-sheets. February’s stamp showed a chestnut tree and a blue bird, and April’s depicted a forest and a butterfly.

Stamp lovers are enjoying puzzling out the stamps Gail’s used in the process of creating the ‘Heart of the Forest’ series.

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‘For this stamp series, Gail Armstrong has made clever use of previously issued Guernsey and Alderney stamps and miniature sheets, which she has moulded and shaped into beautiful three-dimensional paper cut images to depict elements of sustainable forest management,’ said Bridget Yabsley, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post. 

‘Our customers tell us that they are enjoying trying to identify previous stamp issues on these stamps. With each stamp priced at £1, our quartet series is also a great introduction for those who are new to philately, enabling them to collect a complete series for an affordable price.’


Issue date: 24 August, www.guernseypost.com