Jack Brabham


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15 February 2023
A se-tenant pair of stamps from Monaco pays homage to Jack Brabham, the Australian F1 driver who won his first victory at the famous Monaco GP circuit.

Born on 2 April 1926 near Sydney in Australia, John Arthur Brabham, known as Jack Brabham, is part of F1 legend.

A three-time world champion (1959, 1960 and 1966), a brilliant car maker and a fantastic mechanic, he is the only driver to have been crowned world champion at the wheel of a vehicle he designed himself, the Brabham BT 19.

He was also the first driver to be knighted by the British Queen for services to motor racing.

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He scored his first victory in 1959 on the Monaco circuit.

Design: Michel VERRANDO
Printing process: Heliogravure
Size of the pair: 83 x 31 mm
Quantity of issue: 40 000

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