Jersey Stamps 2019: Hamptonne Country Life Museum


23 May 2019
A remarkable 15th-century farm that has been restored and renovated by three heritage organsiations in Jersey is the subject of Jersey Post’s Jersey Architecture: Hamptonne issue.

Hamptonne Country life Museum comprises a 15th-century farm complex of three houses and outbuildings. Cows, chickens and pigs are kept on site so that visitors can experience what life was like in a rural setting in medieval Jersey.


The six stamps show the museum from different vantage points, beginning with Hamptonne House (52p) showing the house as it might have looked in 1640. We move on to Jersey’s annual cider festival Le Fais’Sie d’Cidre (67p) with cider making. The house features again on the 80p value showing the living quarters as they would have looked in the 1770s. Next (85p) is Hamptonne House chamber, used as a sleeping and living area by the household, followed by a 99p value spotlighting the parlour. Finally, the £1.15 stamp shows the hearth that has been restored to its 15th-century design.


Stamp details


Issue date: 11 June 2019

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Design: John Walsom

Printer: Lowe-Martin, Canada

Print process: Offset lithography

Stamp size: 30m x 40mm


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