Monaco Stamps: Garagnone and Terlizzi


17 February 2022
Monaco celebrate two ancient Grimaldi strongholds with their 20 April issue.

Garagnone and Terlizzi, along with Campagna, Ripacandida, Monteverde and Canosa, are fiefdoms which were granted by Emperor Charles V, as King of Naples, in 1532, to strengthen the loyalty of the Grimaldis, who had been under Spanish protection since 1524, to the Habsburgs.

The signature of the Treaty of Péronne in 1641 returned Monaco to the King of France’s sphere of influence and ended possession of these fiefdoms.

Today, the site of the ancient Garagnone castle (destroyed by an earthquake in the eighteenth century) lies within a natural park that straddles two communes: Poggiorsini and Spinazzola.

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In Terlizzi, the carved coats of arms of the Principality can still be seen on the façade of the Cathedral of San Michele Arcangelo.

Design: © Archives and Library of the Prince's Palace
Printing process: Heliogravure
Size of the pair: 70,85 x 30 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue: 40 000 pairs
Sheet of 4 pairs of stamps with illuminations

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